Funny Things My Daughter Says

I have always said that I was going to write down the funny things that my daughter says.  She is 3 1/2 years old and I have yet to do so.  I am going to attempt to keep some sort of record of her funny sayings (at least I think they are funny).

The best was the other day.  She has been sick with a cold for a while and she cough up some phlegm.  She thought she had thrown up and I explained to her that it wasn’t really “throw-up”, it was more like the stuff that comes out of her nose when it is running.  Later in the day, her nose starts running and she says “Mommy, mommy, my nose is throwing up!”.

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There is nothing like going to court for a traffic conviction and the officer does not show up! 🙂

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My Girls

There is nothing like watching the love that my infant daughter has for her older sister. The look on her face when her sister is close by is priceless – it melts my heart. I only hope they remember this love that they have for one another in a few years!!

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House is saved – thank God – now we can all rest. No school will be permitted on the land that Swanek Park occupies. Now what will I write about???

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Home Sweet Home

It’s funny – we had never planned on staying here forever, we have always planned on moving to another neighbourhood in a few years.  However, we want to move on our own terms and not because we are told we have to.  After taking a year to renovate our home only to face the prospect of having it demolished is not a reality I want to face.

More importantly, this is the first home and only home that both of my daughters have ever known.  All of the firsts have taken place here.  The first smile, giggle, roll, words, etc.  Even though we weren’t always going to live here, I would love to bring my girls back to see where they had lived.

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Wallace C. Swanek Park

I remember a couple of years ago when my neighbour told me that there was a rumour that the Toronto Catholic District School Board was considering relocating St. John the Evangelist  Catholic Elementary School to Swanek Park.  I dismissed the idea as ridiculous.  How would they fit a large elementary school on the land that the park is on?  It just seemed too small.  Now, two years later, I have my answer.  The TSDSB will “acquire” some if not all of the homes surrounding the park. Well I live in one of those homes…

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